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In our country, the population of school-age children grows at a greater pace than the capacity to enroll them in schools. This increases the proportion of illiterates and decreases the proportion of literates. Our boat is sailing at a rate of one mile per hour against a wind of fifty miles per hour.

There is a great challenge for The Mama School. The coming years will show more remarkable changes for which the school will have to gear itself. Each day brings people and nations closer together. The future will provide much closer communication than ever before. The Mama School must provide every opportunity for experiment and investigation, as deeply as possible, of the vast stores of knowledge available in the world.

Concluding with the words of The School Song, may God bless each Mamaian to march on to knowledge, with lofty ideals, noble rules, loyalty, steadfastness in duty and with honour and ‘humble pride’, as she forges on her journey of adult life!