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Till 1943 the school was open only to the girls of the Community and housed approximately 200 pupils.

In 1944 its doors were thrown open to all, more so from 1947 at the request of the Founder of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

In 1964 the need for more classrooms was felt and the second floor was added to the original building. Miss I Thompson, the then Principal, took it upon herself to raise funds by melas and concerts and once again the Parsi Community donated generously to finish the project. The total strength of the pupils by then was over 500.

The ever-increasing demand for admissions and the opening of the Cambridge System of Education again forced us to expand and the New Wing was built, under the supervision of Miss Mani S Contractor, who put in her heart and soul into the project, convincing the community to donate generous funds for it. Once again, true to the motto: ‘Parsi thy name is charity’, the Zoroastrian community, big and small, mustered round to get erected the beautiful strong’ell’ with the most modern well-equipped laboratories, libraries and classrooms. Gratitude is indeed due for their magnanimous donations to :

The entire first floor of the New Wing, has come up with the handsome sum of Rs. 2,250,000 from the Cowasjee Foundation – Benefactors to whom we are deeply grateful for always coming forward to help The Mama School in further promoting education for women in the country.

Another generous benefactor towards the project was The Jehangir Rajkotwala Trust, whose Trustees generously donated Rs.1,500,000.

Dr. Burjor Anklesaria followed next with Rs.1,300,000 out of which the Anklesaria Hall, in memory of Cowashah Edulji Anklesaria has been constructed.

Special mention has also to be made for handsome donations from The Hommie & Jamshed Nusserwanji Trust, The Aloo & Minocher Dinshaw Charitable Trust, Mr. Jamshed Gustadji Kharas, Estate of Mrs Mehera Shroff, The Old Girls’ Association, Mr & Mrs Noshir Z Mama, The Kakalia Family, Members of the Minocher Cowasjee Family and many, many more, individual mention of which would take pages; but gratitude to all, big and small, anonymous donors as well, for their generosity.