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The Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School

Office Counsellor Secretary Class
Vice President F.Tampal Nadia Nabeel X D
General Secretary F.Tampal Samea Binte Sahban XI B
Treasurer K.Daruwalla Hiba Hasan XI A
Behaviour G. Jamshedji Tania Imran Khairi X F
Cleanliness M.Taha Bareera Junaid X D
English-Literary Ayesha Shah Syeda Shabih Zehra Zaidi X D
Urdu-Literary Y. Anwar Adeena Imran XI B
English Dramatics S. K’ Zadah Marium Cheema XI A
Urdu Dramatics A. Saeed Mariam Tanveer XI A
Sports N. Ilyas Kirti Kiran Solanki X D
Red Crescent D.Cooper Tamkeen Salim X E
Girl Guides S. K’ Zadah Misha Rehan XI B
Mama Cadets Dr. Ayesha Usman Muniza Jalal XI B

The Students’ Council came into being in 1974. It functions in the best interest of the school and aims hard to live up to the expectations of not just the teachers, but the pupils as well. Under the superior guidance of their respective counsellors, each council member does her best to manage all the activities, which take place during her tenure.
The Literary, Dramatics and Sports Societies have always played more eminent roles but the councils dealing with Community Services such as Girl Guides, Red Crescent and Mama Cadets™ are equally important. Also, the Behaviour and Cleanliness Council are an integral part of the school since the Students™ Council came into being.

The Mama Parsi Girls Secondary School prides itself on the vast choices of extra-curricular activities that it offers to the pupils. Freedom of speech and the art of debating are widely encouraged by the Literary Society. The annual speech competitions not only focus on prepared speeches, but also on the pupils’ abilities to think on the spur of the moment.

Some of the much-anticipated events included in the annual programme are the General Knowledge, Art, and Religion Shield Competitions along with the Essay-Writing and Poetry-Writing Contests. The bi-annual play is also a very much-anticipated event.
Every year a talent show is organized by the Dramatics Council, which encourages students to work and improve on their artistic abilities.

As mentioned above, The Red Crescent Group, The Mama Cadets and the Girl Guides actively participate in the promotion of social activities. The senior classes frequently visit hospitals, orphanages and other institutions, accompanied by teachers (usually the respective Counsellors). Cleanliness is maintained by having monthly cleanliness checks and appointing scavengers who make sure that littering is not done during school hours, especially during the recess. Another much eagerly awaited event is the Sports Day which focuses on inter-house competitions; for the decision of the cock-house is mostly based on the points accumulated during this event.

In addition, the school has begun holding Melas (bi-annually) for the Mamaians since the past six years. The Melas of 2004, 2006 and 2008 proved to be very successful.

The Students™ Council assists their Counsellors and Teachers to the best of their abilities and with their respective Counsellors work for the betterment of the entire School. They all struggle for efficiency and hope that The Mama Girls Secondary School is proud of them.