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Balak Shala

The Balak Shala was a community project financed by members of the community with donations, small and large. But when the two majestic trees – The Bai Virbaijee Soparivala High School 1870 and The Mama Parsi Girls’ High School 1918, grew, they needed expertise to guide their destinies. The major burden of running an institution generally falls on the chief executive officer – the Secretary.

Both the schools were singularly fortunate in having enthusiastic leaders of the community to guide their policies.

Mr. D. P. Kotwall – 1928 – 1950

Fondly known as ‘Kaka Kotwall’, Mr. D. P. Kotwall was a silent, stalwart worker, who worked for The Mama School till the end of his days.

Khan Bahadur Sheriarji Dadabhoy Contractor – 1915 – 1962

K B S D Contractor retired in 1936 as Dy Director of Public Instruction of Bombay Presidency. Khan Bahadur was connected with both the schools from 1915 and their Hon Secretary from 1919 upto his passing away in 1962. He served the cause of education for nearly forty-seven years; a glorious innings! It was his foresight, leadership, dynamic personality and guidance that made the B.V.S. and The Mama Schools what they are today. It is his effort that gave these two carts accelerating momentum in those days. This noble worker in the cause of education left us in 1962.

Mrs. Gool K. Minwalla & Mrs Mani C Cowasjee

In the last thirty-five years, we have had four dynamic ladies to look after the school. Mrs. Gool K. Minwalla, a versatile genius, and an outstanding social worker was Honorary Secretary from 1962 to 1968. Because of the multifarious activities of this great lady, she resigned from Secretaryship but still remained a valuable advisor as a member of the Managing Committee till she passed away in 2002. She was followed by Mrs Meher J Patel, a theosophist and social worker. Due to ill-health, Mrs. Patel resigned in 1975, and her place was taken by Mrs Mani C Cowasjee, an energetic lady involved sincerely in the welfare of the School. Mrs Nergish S Jamasji is an equally capable Joint Honorary Secretary, and both are sympathetic and alive to the problems of the staff and are always ready to help in solving them.

Indeed, without the generous cooperation of the entire Managing Committee, a Principal would never to able to have her ideas and ideals materialise for the betterment of the school; and certainly The Mama School is privileged today to boast of a very understanding and just Managing Committee.